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Gainward Golden Sample Geforce3 Power Pack nu i sortimentet 64 mb 3.8 ddr sdram,Vi har även VLB kort kvar med ET400 /W
CARDEXpert GeForce3 PowerPack !!! (GeForce3) Gainward GeForce2 Pro/450 (GeForce2 Pro) CARDEXpert GeForce2 MX64 Mini Jumbo (GeForce2 MX-200) CARDEXpert GeForce2 MX64 (AGP) (GeForce2 MX-200) CARDEXpert GeForce2 MX64 (PCI) (GeForce2 MX-200) CARDEXpert GeForce2 TwinView/VIVO Golden Sample (GeForce2 MX-400) CARDEXpert GeForce2 TwinView/TV Golden Sample (GeForce2 MX-400) CARDEXpert GeForce2 Jumbo/TV Golden Sample (GeForce2 MX-400) CARDEXpert GeForce2 Pro/400 Golden Sample (GeForce2 Pro) CARDEXpert GeForce2 MX TwinView Golden Sample (GeForce2 MX-400) CARDEXpert GeForce2 MX Golden Sample (GeForce2 MX-400) CARDEXpert GeForce2 MX (AGP) (GeForce2 MX-400) CARDEXpert GeForce2 MX (PCI) (GeForce2 MX-400) CARDEXpert TNT2 M64 (AGP) (TNT2 M64) CARDEXpert TNT2 M64 (PCI) (TNT2 M64) CARDEXpert VANTA LT (Vanta LT) Series: Gainward SIS 315 (SiS 315) CARDEXpert SIS 305 (SiS 305) CARDEXpert SIS 6326 (PCI) (SiS 6326) Series: CARDEXpert Savage4 (AGP) (Savage4) CARDEXpert Savage4 (PCI) (Savage
CARDEXPERT GeForce3 PowerPack !!! Hardware Features NVIDIA GeForce3 GPU, 256-bit 2D & 3D graphics architecture Support AGP 2X/4X Memory size up to 64MB with 4Mx16 ultra fast DDR SDRAM Support high resolution up to 2048x1536@75Hz Build-in 350MHz RAMDAC with gamma correction NTSC / PAL TV-Out with flicker filter TV-Out resolution up to 800x600 Support Composite & S-Video TV-Out Support LCD output with DVI connector LCD resolution up to 1600x1200 Still and Motion Capture (Optional) Capture video images from TV, VCR, V8 or camcorder with Composite & S-Video connector Video capture rate up to 30f/s Capture file format support MPEG-1 & 2 GeForce3 Features nfiniteFX engine for full programmability Lightspeed Memory Architecture for unmatched performance Surface engine for high-order surfaces and patches Programmable Vertex Shader Procedural deformations Programmable matrix palette skinning Key frame animation interpolation Morphing Fog effects Radial Elevation Non-linear Lens effects Fish eye Wide angle Fresnel effects Water refraction Programmable Pixel Shader Phong-style lighting for per-pixel accuracy Dot3 bump mapping Environmental bump mapping (EMBM) Procedural textures Per-pixel reflections HRAA—high-resolution antialiasing Featuring Quincunx AA mode Integrated hardware transform engine Integrated hardware lighting engine DirectX and S3TC texture compression Dual cube environment mapping capability Reflection maps Accurate, real-time environment reflections Hardware accelerated real-time shadows PERFORMANCE 3.2 billion AA samples per second fill rate 7.36GB/sec memory bandwidth Lightspeed Memory Architecture amplifies memory bandwidth True, reflective bump mapping Z-correct bump mapping Phong-style lighting effects on bump maps with reflections High-performance 2D rendering engine Optimized for 32-, 24-, 16-, 15- and 8-bpp modes True-color hardware cursor with alpha Multi-buffering (double, triple or quad) for smooth animation and video playback High-quality HDTV/DVD playback High-definition video processor (HDVP) for full-screen, full-frame video playback of HDTV and DVD content Independent hardware color controls for video overlay Hardware color-space conversion (YUV 4:2:2 and 4:2:0) Motion compensation 5-tap horizontal by 3-tap vertical filtering 8:1 up/down scaling Per-pixel color keying Multiple video windows supported for CSC and filtering DVD sub-picture alpha-blended compositing Operating systems Windows 2000 Windows NT (all) Windows 9x, Windows ME API support OpenGL 1.2 and lower DirectX 8.0 Version 1.1 and lower WDM Driver for Video Capture Compatibility NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture Fully-compliant professional OpenGL 1.2 support for all Windows operating systems WHQL-certified for Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Windows 9x, Windows ME REFRESH RATE TABLE ¡ˆ @ 256 color 16bit 32bit 640x480 60-240Hz 60-240Hz 60-240Hz 800x600 60-240Hz 60-240Hz 60-240Hz 1024x768 60-240Hz 60-240Hz 60-200Hz 1152x864 60-200Hz 60-200Hz 60-170Hz 1280x960 60-170Hz 60-170Hz 60-150Hz 1280x1024 60-170Hz 60-170Hz 60-150Hz 1600x900 60-150Hz 60-150Hz 60-120Hz 1600x1200 60-120Hz 60-120Hz 60-100Hz 1920x1080 60-100Hz 60-100Hz 60-85Hz 1920x1200 60-100Hz 60-100Hz 60-85Hz 1920x1440 60-85Hz 60-85Hz 60-75Hz 2048x1536 60-75Hz 60-75Hz 75Hz Till serco startsidaSerco AB . Datorer sedan 1983 .

Till serco startsida
Serco AB . Datorer sedan 1983 . Serco AB . Datorer sedan 1983 . Serco AB . Datorer sedan 1983 . Serco AB . Datorer sedan 1983 .