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SERCO AB computer & parts since 1983. IT in Sweden. temporary cloesed 2006-- Something about SERCO : Service & support: El Telecom Data Electronics Security

Spelling Dyslexia human rights: human equality in contact with ?
Freedom of speech in Sweden?
Lost home and three to hospital 2020 weeks isolated worried break down waterboarding bloody feet
Since 2006 Company is resting / closed (: The plan was to get back after after not to long time out (years). Did everything to get on external track, got some trouble with gangster organization , pay ore else... remove your homepage /family name from internet do tax crime . (did everything they told me to except crime) Now I know what ore else means.... Perpetrator totally revealed their plans 2007 in august I put things back. The consequences of my contact whit the gangsters; lost home health and some worse thing that I ,
Mail server closed 2005 Freedom of speech in Sweden? Brief story! For more than 20 years payed for false protection, couldn't pay. Did the mistake to contact the perpetrators. ( First BIG mistake, Got the advice / warning from government authority "do not to have any contact with them " Didn't realize how big that warning was.
All my pages closed due to threats.2006- (08-12) To satisfy perpetrators I closed all e-mail and home page directly when told to. Censorship? Freedom of speech in Sweden?
This was not good enough.. (Lost home and three to hospital)
Yttrandefrihet i Sverige? ("Freedom of speech in Sweden?")...Rättsstat ? Rättssäkerhet ? Freedom of opinion? Åsiktsfrihet rätt till fria tankar?....
Hackers ✞=go to hell(but i dont't tell you which bus) we meet there: ⚠=Varning
Please stop hacking I have trouble enough!. I have no seekrets and is fully transparency,
If you don't like what you see on private pages don't visit them!
Life soon to an end?, (what life?) but not by corona probably by former guerrilla soldier that constructed police report, probably by breaking US law hacking/cracking this server ore other US server to pick pieces to construct report,
instead of sending an e-mail about message received 6 dec.
April 2020 got information about "counterparty" guerrilla soldier background. didn't know it when I asked for a reply e-mail in december 2019. google, can perhapps help wich which US servers are hacked or picked pieces from

4 weeks isolated in concern/worried anxiety and keept in darkness(about what?) to get break down before meeting without waterboarding(wrong suspicion by me) until I give right answer?.
The investigator(noname) were polite but I don’t remember to much, but have some hard to read notes made by me from meeting. (Trying read and make it public),
The day(7/4-2020)"police questioning by M.S puppets" gave me only bloody feet and stumbling walking style for a couple of days.
Unfortunately I did not get any written prof of the my Participation : no witnesses present, nothing written(I probably asked?but no) only bloody feet and blisters under my feet after my visit to the police station, 3,5hour spent (18/4-2020 the way I walks back to normal again)

Since 2005 Company is resting (:


SERCO down for undefined time .
If you have computer,cctv,electro-technical products / mercandises suitable for SERCO we probably put the link in our "Produkt: list" for future use. Dont be surprised if you dont get an e-mail back this year.
e-mail (no spam please)(no attachment)(and no photo)(no html)(Link to product is ok)

To main page where we show (prislista) computer products and prices sorted in alphabetic order available in Sweden.
Sales and service : Business computers and parts  since 1983
sales Color CCD security Computer history.
Little history (to be continued)
1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005-
1983 KAYPRO (USA) CP/M Computers  
K2 K4 Robie K10 Kaypro 8088 8088-2 286 386 486 K2000
Normerel (France) MCA computers 286 386 486
Goupil Club (France) "Portable computers"
Panatech (Germany)
TCI (Trident Computer) (Taiwan)
Hitron (Taiwan)
Wang computer
Tulip (NL)
Parts (Singapore)
1998+ Service and sales Computers
            Sales addon cards and network products.
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